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William TURLE

15th Apr 17951,2 - 28th May 18346

organist of St Mary's1

Life History

15th Apr 1795

Born in Taunton, Somerset.1,2

7th May 1795

Baptised in St Mary Magdalen, Taunton.3

from 1804 to 1809

Educated Wells Cathedral as a chorister.2

from 1810 to 1812

Educated London by I Welsh and Dr Williams.2

from 1812 to 1823

Occupation organist at St James', Taunton.2


Resident in The Crescent, Bishops Hull, Somerset

24th Jul 1820

Married Ann Gale SUTTON in Bishops Hull, Taunton, Somerset

D\P\b.hl 2/1/12 Witnesses to the wedding were Hy Popham, H Chilcott, H Miller, Elizabeth Sutton (and another unreadable).

5th Oct 1820

Birth of son William Alfred TURLE in Taunton, Somerset.7


Occupation Musician in The Cottage, The Crescent, Taunton.4


Resident in The Crescent, Bishops Hull, Somerset

12th Mar 1824

Birth of daughter Georgiana TURLE in Taunton, Somerset.7


Birth of son Charles TURLE


Birth of son Thomas TURLE


Resident in The Crescent, Bishops Hull, Somerset

Aug 1827

Death of son Thomas TURLE in Taunton, Somerset


Occupation Musician in The Crescent, Taunton.5

4th Jul 1833

Wrote will in Taunton, Somerset

to 1834

Occupation The Professor

28th May 1834

Died in Taunton, Somerset.6

The 1885 Family tree states that William died 15 May 1834

5th Jun 1834

Buried in NE Corner St Mary Magdalen, Taunton, Somerset

Other facts


Occupation organist of St Mary's.1


  • America

    Groves - After quitting choir William paid a short visit to America. He was back by 1812 as organist of St James' Taunton and then St Mary Magdalen Taunton
  • Composer

    TauntonCourier 3 Nov 1831
    Composed "The Ocean Sprites", a glee for 3 voices.

    Two books of music written by William
    Lord Wellington's waltz ... with variations for the Pianoforte by William Turle (Unknown Binding - 1815)
    Three waltzes for the Piano Forte by William Turle (Unknown Binding - 1815)

    "Le gentile hussard with variations for the PF " published by Faulkner
    "A Spanish air with variations for the PF" published by Faulkner
    A duet - "Worthy is the lamb" published by Goulding
    "For thee sweet maid" published by Goulding
    "Laura" published by Goulding
    Letter from William Turle to Mr Sainsbury, December 1823, Glasgow University Library R.d 88/186
  • Death

    Taunton Courier Death notice (June 4 1834)
    On Wednesday last, Mr William Turle, Professor of Music and organist of St Mary Magdalen church in this town, aged 40. The deceased who was also a skilful performer on the Piano Forte,and the author of several musical compositions, was most respected and his loss is equally regretted by all who knew him.

    Taunton Courier Wed June 11 1834 p7
    The remains of the late Mr W Turle, organist of St Mary Magdalen's were interred with appropriate solemnity on Thursday last, the choristers attending on the occassion, and assisting the funeral service. The concourse of people assembled to witness the interment attested the interest they took in the melancholy ceremony. On Sunday last the organ gallery was profusely covered with black cloth and crepe festoons, and the choristers were habited with black scarves over their white robes. A number of persons in mourning were also present. Part of Luthers Hymn was sang very impressively by the choir, and an anthem from the burial service, the choir who were very ably accompanied on the organ by Mr Modley, late pupil and apprentice of the deceased, Three children, two boys thirteen and nine, and a daughter twelve years of age, are left to bewail the loss of their parent.

    Taunton Courier Wednesday June 11 1834 p1
    Details of the items to be sold by auction, at Middle Street, by order of the executor. Messrs Bussell and Ball. Sale 18th June1834.mahogany carved four poster bedstead with crimson moreen furniture, stained rosewood four poster and tent bedsteads; feather and millpuff beds; sundry bedding; a handsome mahogany secretary and bookcase banded with rosewood; large-size mahogany chest of drawers, painted ditto; bason stands. dressing tables etc.; mahogany leg table; eight mahogany hair seat chairs; brass and other fenders and sets of fire irons; eight day clock in mahogany case; stave and kitchen grates; dresser and shelves;mahogany supper tray, china, glass and earthenware; carpeting and floor cloth; small copper furnace, garden tools etc.Two piano fortes, by Broadwood and Sons in handsome mahogany cases, on turned legs and castors; a fine-toned and scarce violin, by Duke; Patent Metronome or time-beater, with aquantity of modern music for the organ, harp, piano etc. Also Clark's family Bible and about 50 vols. of books,

  • Maria Glenn and James Bowditch

    At the Summer Assizes in Dorset in 1817 James Bowditch and others were tried for forcibly taking Maria Glenn from her family. They were found guilty based on the evidence of Maria Glenn. William Turle, Ann Sutton, Frances Sutton and Elizabeth Sutton all swore affidavits showing that Maria had lied about her relationship with James Bowditch.

    In October 1820 Maria was tried for perjury. Ann (by then William's wife)  and Frances Sutton corroborated the evidence of William and others that Maria and James had a close relationship at the time of the incident and thus she could not have been taken forcibly. Maria Glenn was found guilty.

    At the time of the case Maria was in France and it was not until 1823 that Maria, wanting to come home, asked to come before the Court for her judgement. She requested that the Judges papers from the first case were in court when she appeared but the Court refused to comment until Maria was present.

    In 1818 James Bowditch wrote a book called, "Abduction of Maria Glenn: The trial of James Bowditch and nine others, at the suit of the King, and on the prosecution of George Lowman Tuckett, esq., ...Before Mr Justice Park and a special jury."

    In 1821 the prosecutor, George Lowman Tuckett, wrote a book, "A narrative of the conspiracy, for the forcible abduction of Miss Maria Glenn"  Printed by A.J. Valpy (January 1, 1821) ASIN: B0008C5PQO

  • Will of William Turle, 1833, (transcription)
    PRO Doc. Prob. 11/1835
    Image reference 354

    1 This is the last Will and Testament of me
    2 William Turle of the parish of Taunton Saint James in the County of Somerset
    3 Professor of Music which I make and publish for the disposal of my worldly Estate
    4 and Effects as follows I give and bequeath unto Mr Richard Turle of Taunton Grocer
    5 and to my Brother Mr John Turle of the same place Hair dresser all my monies
    6 sureties for money goods chattels personal and testamentary Estate and Effects whatsoever
    7 and whosoever and whether in possession reversion  remainder or expectancy and
    8 over which I shall have any disposing power except such specific articles as may in
    9 any note or codicil to this my will be given specifically to any person in such note
    10 or codicil mentioned upon trust that they the said Richard Turle and John Turle and
    11 the Survivor of them and the Executors and administrators of the Survivor so and shall
    12 call  in and convert into money all such part of my Estate and Effects as shall not consist
    13 of money and so and shall in the first place pay all my just debts and funeral and
    14 testamentary expenses and then so and shall invest the residue of my effects in the
    15 Government funds or shares of Great Britain except the sum of One hundred pounds
    16 which is at present in and which it is my will and desire shall be allowed to remain
    17 in the savings Bank of this Town with any accumulation arising therefrom for
    18 the purposes hereinafter mentioned And my will is that my said trustees shall stand
    19 possessed of the monies so to be invested in the public funds and in the Savings Bank
    20 as aforesaid upon trust that in case my Sons William Alfred Turle and Charles
    21 Turle or either of them shall not have attained the age of ffourteen years at the
    22 time of my decease to place each of them at some Boarding School in order that
    23 they may be maintained and educated at the discretion of my trustees until they shall
    24 respectively have attained the said age of ffourteen years and as they shall respectively
    25 attain the said age of ffourteen years my will that they should be placed out as indoor
    26 apprentices to any Business or trade or profession my Trustees shall think proper until
    27 they respectively attain the age of twenty one years and that in case any premium
    28 shall be required with either of them then that such premium be paid out of the
    29 trust properly provided that no greater sum than thirty pounds be advanced for each
    30 of them as a premium and my will is that the expense of keeping the said
    31 William Alfred Turle and Charles Turle at Boarding School until such time as
    32 aforesaid and of placing them out apprentices as aforesaid and also the expense of
    33 providing them with clothes / and occasionally at the discretion of the Trustees / a little
    34 pocket money shall in the first place be defrayed out of the said sum of One hundred
    35 pounds so now invested in the Taunton Savings Bank and the interest arising
    36 from the monies in the funds and that so soon as that sum shall be exhausted
    37 for any of the purposes contained in this my Will then my Will is that my said
    38 Trustees so and shall from time to time sell out of the funds or shares a
    39 portion of stock as shall together with interest arising from the stocks be
    40 necessary to answer the purposes of this my Will And my will also is that my
    41 Daughter Georgiana Turle shall also be kept at Boarding School until shall attain
    42 the age of fifteen or sixteen years and after attaining that age my Will is that she
    43 shall be placed out as indoor apprentice to some respective female to learn any
    44 business which she may prefer for the space of two or three years and I request
    45 my said Trustees to advance by way of premium any sum which may be necessary
    46 on her being so apprenticed as aforesaid and my will that the said Georgiana
    47 Turle shall whilst she remains at School and also during her apprenticeship be
    48 provided with necessary clothes and apparel by my Trustees and after completing
    49 completing her Apprenticeship and until she shall attain the age of twenty one
    50 years or be married before that age my Will is that my said Trustees shall allow
    51 her any sum of money not exceeding ten pounds per annum which they may
    52 think proper towards her maintenance and my Will is that each of my
    53 said children shall attain the age of twenty one years my said Trustees shall
    54 out of the moneys so to be invested and which may then remain in the funds
    55 as aforesaid advance each of them the sum of twenty pounds and when and so
    56 soon as the youngest of my children shall have attained the age of twenty one
    57 years and have received this twenty pounds then my will is that the residue of
    58 my estate and effects be equally shared between them share and share alike
    59 and in case any or either of them shall die under the age of twenty one years
    60 leaving lawful issue my will is that such issue shall take the part of its deceased
    61 parent or parents and in case no such issue shall be left then the share of
    62 such of my said children so dying under age without issue as aforesaid
    63 shall go and ______ to the Survivors of them and in case there shall be only one
    64 of my said children who shall attain the said age of twenty one years then the
    65 whole therefore shall belong to that one child and in case all my said Children
    66 shall die under the age of twenty one years without leaving lawful issue then
    67 I give the whole of my Estate and Effects until my mother Sarah Turle and my
    68 Brothers John Turle ffrederic Turle James Turle Henry Turle Edmund Turle
    69 and Joseph Turle and my Sister Amelia Turle to be equally shared between
    70 them when and so as the youngest child of my said mother shall attain
    71 the age of twenty one years and in case my said mother should die before that
    72 time then my will is that her share shall survive to and be equally divided
    73 amongst all my said Brothers and Sister at the time aforesaid And I hereby
    74 nominate and appoint the said Richard Turle and John Turle Executors
    75 of this my Will and I also appoint them Guardians of the persons and Estates
    76 of my Children during their minorities And I direct and declare that my said
    77 Trustees or the Executors or Administrators of either of them shall not be answerable
    78 or _____ for any more monies than they shall actually receive under or by
    79 virtue of this my Will and that and each of them shall and may by and
    80 out of any monies which shall come to their hands respectively by virtue of this
    81 my Will retain and remburse themselves all such costs and expenses as they
    82 shall incur or sustain in and about the execution of the trusts hereby in them
    83 reposed and I hereby revoke all former Wills by me made at any time  heretofore
    84 and so declare this only to be my last Will and Testament in witness
    85 whereof I the said William Turle have to this my last Will and Testament
    86 set my hand and Seal to wit my hand to the two preceding sheets and my
    87 hand and seal to this third and last sheet this fourth day of July one thousand
    88 eight hundred and thirty three Wm Turle (S S) Signed Sealed published
    89 and declared by the said William Turle as and for his last Will and Testament
    90 in the presence of Stephen Reeves James Bond Coles

    91 Appeared Personally Richard Turle
    92 of the parish of Taunton Saint Mary Magdalene in the county of Somerset
    93 Grocer and made Oath that he is one of the Executors named in the last Will and
    94 Testament of William Turle late of the parish of Taunton Saint James in the
    95 County of Somerset professor of music deceased the said will being hereunto
    96 annexed and beginning thus "This is the last Will and Testament of me William
    97 Turle" ending thus "my hand and seal to this my third and last sheet this fourth day
    98 of July one thousand eight hundred and thirty three" and being thus subscribed
    99 Wm Turle "(SS)" that inconsequence of the Deponents having in perusing the said
    100 Will of the said deceased observed the following passage at the commencement
    101 thereof namely (except such specific articles as may in any note or codicil  to this
    102 My will be given specifically to any person in such note or codicil  mentioned he
    103 caused careful and diligent search to be made among all the papers of  moment
    104 and concern of or belonging to the deceased and in all places of deposit used by
    105 him and also made enquiry of such persons as the deponent considered likely
    106 to be acquainted with the private matters or concerns of the said deceased but
    107 the deponent hath been unable to discover and hath not heard of any such
    108 paper or note or codicil in writing as that appearing to be referred to in the
    109 passage aforesaid and the deponent therefore verily and in his conscience
    110 believes that the said deceased did not make or execute any part of the nature
    111 or kind referred to as aforesaid R. Turle on the thirty first day of July 1834
    112 the said Richard Turle was duly sworn to the truth of the foregoing affidavit
    113 by virtue of the annexed commission Before me Henry Bower Vicar of the
    114 parish of St Mary Magdalene Taunton in the County of Somerset Commissioner.
    115 Proved at London 28th August 1834 before the Judge by the Oaths of
    116 Richard Turle one of the Executors to whom admon was granted having been
    117 first sworn by admon duly to administer power reserved of making the like grant
    118 To John Turle the Brothers the other Executor when he shall apply for the same.


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