In the 14th century there were already Scaddings living in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset in England. Names have been variously recorded as Scadden, Scaddon, Scaddinge, Scading and several other variations. The spelling is not regional and appears to be the whim of the recorder at a time when literacy was not common among the working people. The family recorded on these pages eventually settled on the spelling Scadding.

The earliest member traced came from Pitminster, a small village just south of Taunton in Somerset where they were most likely agricultural workers on one of the nearby estates. By the late 1600s James, the son of a Quaker, was a butcher in Pitminster and some other Scaddings had moved to Taunton. When the Duke of Monmouth claimed the Crown of England in Taunton in 1685 there were Scaddings who followed his cause. Richard of Taunton, Nicholas and John of Pitminster, and George were subsequently accused of following Monmouth as was the young daughter of a Mr Scadding.

In the mid 1700s James' son and daughter-in-law, Joseph and Susanna, took their large family to Ilchester where Joseph, and later one of his sons, took the post of gaoler at Ilchester Gaol. One of Joseph's grandsons became the Coroner of Somerset and another became a successful solicitor with both branches subsequently moving to London.

Short biographies of some of the characters.

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